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WTF is a Trident of Tryhard??

siksity, Mar 13, 12 2:35 PM.
With 2 PvP events under our(my) belt. The leaders here (myself included) feel it would be in our best interest to change the way we declare the winner. After 2 events going by, I've come to notice, that either I'm super duper godly at PvP and stuff.. or perhaps the scale has been tipped.
Putting my massive... we'll say ego. Yeah ego. Putting my massive ego aside, I know that something has to change. With the system in place now, it's unfair to other classes. So with that I'll unfold upon you all the NEW PvP system! Until patch 1.2 comes out, cause I'm sure it will need to be reworked, since they are adding new medals, and a buncha stuff.

So rather than our previous single winner based on number of medals acquired on a multitude of war zones. We're going to adapt a new system, I like to call The Trident Of Tryhard!
In this new scheme..fuck too imperialish we will have 3 tiers(hence trident).
Damage. Most damage done over the amount of PvP's.
Healing. Most healing done over the amount of PvP's.
Medals. "      " medals gained " "  " "  "       "  "   "    " (yeah copy and pasting would have been faster, but I like the look of this OKAY!
Oh btw, MOST makes it Tryhard! :) See simple.
If there is an instance in which the same person wins 2 awards, he or she will be ineligible to win both. Depending on how the prizes are done for that event, will depend on which he or she will win. Just trust me, it will work out.. trust me.. also let me hold onto all of your money, and you should probably sign your house over to me as well.. seeing as your trusting me so much.

The Leaders feel that this will boost both the morale of you the guild. More chances to win, more events we can hold, allows us to hold multiple events at once. We are looking into team based PvP events as well, and think this will blend in very smoothly with that as well.

With that said, I hope to see you at the next event. Good luck to you all.

2nd PvP Extravaganza!

siksity, Mar 13, 12 2:29 PM.
The second PvP Extravaganza happened tonight.
An Impromptu event, with 100k credits up for grabs. Four contestants, three war zones, two factions but only one winner. This event wasn't all fun and games though. We lost our first match on Void star, cannot wait for the nerf to Sorcs. With that said, as a team we are 4 wins, 1 loss. A great starting record. Now for what you've been waiting for. The recap.

Match 1. Void Star
Brabberz, gets gayed by the pvp glitch. He waits in the fleet for round 2.
Nothing too amazing, team full of aoe dps lighting spec'd sorcs. AOE'ing doors, and spawn.
Insert rant about gay sorcs, just pressing one of your only 2 skills, while your shielded.
Not a single healer on our team. Obvious loss is obvious.

Medal Count:
Brabberz : 1
Waaki : 4
Siks'thelegend : 6
Kitiera : 4

Match 2. Huttball
Oh jeez.. score was 4 - 0 for us. Kitiera got an amazing 3 goals, with Siks'thelegend picking up the first to set the tempo. Great passing skills all around, it looked like the Harlem Globetrotters playing a midget team. Great communication, solidifying the win. Of course, Spams of This win brought to you by Renegade Paragraphs went out.

Medal Count:
Brabberz : 3
Waaki : 5
Siks'thelegend : 4
Kitiera : 7

Match 3. Alderaan (The deciding factor)
Alderaan seems to run the same way every time we play. We take mid and grass, hold for a bit, big throws by our puggies. Apparently it's cool to try and 3 cap. We lose mid. A big rally brings it back. But this time it was a little to close for comfort.
Since alphabetical order always screws people over, I'm going to start with Waaki.
Solid play, always in position. WAITS FOR REINFORCEMENTS. Attacks the low hp target. focuses healers. This is a man I will gladly have on my team. Not to mention, I look at his medals 3 mins into the match and he's always at 5.

Brabberz will be next. Whoa. wait.. if I started with W, should it be S next? Nope.. My post my rules. Level 21, Jedi Sentinel by technicality. A little low to be specced for anything, but he's got the heart to make up for it. Baiting aggro with his low levels, and letting the winning capture take place.

Kitiera, pew pew.. pew pew pew... pew. Oh did I mention Pew? Double kill on point for a major defense at grass. massive dps output overall. Always a big influence on our team.

Siks'thelegend, BIG PLAYS ALL DAY! Such an epic capture at the last minute to win the game. Noticing that Kit, has drawn aggro to the top floor. Siks unstealths and jumps on the cap, out of line of sight from Imp side mid. In an almost perfect scenario, with NO communication, the team melded into one mind, Waaki taunts, Brabberz leaps and takes focus and stand right in the view of the only person who can stop the capture.
Siks begins to count down the timeleft on cap, and as he says 0, the GG's come out. Taking the second cap point, at Imp 70 to Rep 65. We hold off the mid point, and suddenly Siks pops 2 more medals, at the last few seconds.

Medal Count:
Brabberz : 4
Waaki : 6
Siks'thelegend : 9
Kitiera : 7

So again Siks'thelegend, is the victor and takes home the gold, I mean credits this isn't WoW. He is proving to be such a valuable asset to PvP's.

First PvP Event

siksity, Mar 13, 12 2:27 PM.
The first ever Renegade Paragraphs PvP Extravaganza on Friday March 2nd, was an insightful foresight into the future of Renegade Paragraphs.

A quarter of the guild showed up, which made for a decent turn out.
Our first match on Aldaraan, started off strong. Points held, then the PUGS decided to throw the match. Waaki, holds down grass like it was just another stroll in the park.
In an epic showing of guild team work, we rallied together to take and hold mid, securing victory for the Republic!

Our second match, was Voidstar, with 2 epic plants, Vothas easily allowed us to stomp the Imperials on Offense. Defensively, we again showed how much good teamwork really makes a difference.

The winner of our First PvP Extravaganza was Siks'thelegend.
I feel strange, about announcing myself as the winner. My prize was 5000 credits, that the Guild Leader kindly loaned me prior to get my speeder and a skill.
With that said, all additional prize pool from this weeks event, will go onto our next event.
Making our second, the BIGGEST PRIZE POOL EVENT we've ever held.

Isn't that some great marketing?
Post in the PVP  event thread in the forums, to help us make this even greater!

- Siks

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

siksity, Mar 13, 12 1:57 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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